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Increase the capacity of national practitioners to harmonise issues related to the rights of persons suspected or accused of terror-related crimes.


Increase the awareness of policy makers and civil society organisations, including the media and NGOs, on the necessary compatibility of the ‘Stockholm’s Programme’ with CT policies and practices.

Reduce Risks

Reduce risks of breaches of fair trial rights when serious crimes with an extensive use of preventive measures in pre-trial are involved.

Making a real contribution to FAIRNESS

This survey is a core element to the FAIRNESS project, as it seeks to gain a deeper insight into the needs of judicial practitioners who are exposed to these thematic areas. The data gathered through the survey will then inform the development of focus groups and ultimately dialogue fostering judicial living labs. This survey is to be considered as a living document, subject to alterations throughout the development of the project.

How to  Contribute to FAIRNESS

Throughout this exercise, you will be asked a number of questions on your professional experience and opinions, specifically concerning terror-related criminal proceedings and the application of procedural rights. This survey is a central activity for the FAIRNESS project, a European Commission funded transnational project. The consortium behind it is highly heterogeneous, a characteristic that goes hand in hand with the project’s aim to obtain a holistic and inclusive insight of the topic.

Please note that  all the information submitted to the survey is anonymous. No one will be able to identify you or your answers, and no one will know whether or not you participated in the study. 

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